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Thank you for contacting MOE Tuition. An Agent will call you shortly. Alternatively you can call us at +65 91090005

No. 1 choice to get the BEST MOE Teacher for Home Tuition

MOE Tuition Agency is Singapore leading Home Tutor Agency for quality home tuition and private tutors at affordable rates.


        MOE Tuition Agency specializes in

        NIE trained current or ex teachers.

        Certified credentials.


        Our recommended school teachers

        have proven to improve student's

        results in a short time.


        Extensive database of MOE teachers

        for primary, secondary and junior

        college. Get tutors on the same day.


        We only provide committed tutors.

        No frequent class cancellation or

        absence. Dedicated to deliver.


        We have star tutors for English, Maths,

        Science, Chinese, Economics, GP,

        History, Geography, Social Studies,

        A/E Maths, Pure Phyics, Pure Biology,

        Pure Chemistry, Literature, Accounts,

        etc..subjects for home tuition at any

        level.  Online tuition lesson is also   

       available. For information on Home

       Based Learning (HBL), contact us


Signs that your child may need Private Home Tuition

Indications Students may need Tuition :

  • Grades are slipping in tests/exams

  • Trouble completing home work

  • You are not able to help or coach them

  • Lacks confidence

  • Start to show disinterest in a particular subject as the child is demoralized by poor results


Every parent wishes the best for their child, to excel in studies so they will have a bright future. It is paramount to understand that a solid foundation will set children on a pathway to achieve their full learning potential and boost their confidence. It is important to identify if your child is struggling in the learning process.


Get a Tutor now ! 


We are a group of ex NIE trained school teachers and mummies who understand the needs of students and the frustration of finding the right home tutors for students.  


With our expertise knowledge and large pool of experienced MOE teachers for home tuition in Singapore, we connect teachers, parents and students together. We provide highly qualified home tutors at your door step to work with students of all levels, from Nursery, Primary, Secondary to Junior Colleges, covering all academic subjects

Leave it to the No.1 Home Tuition Specialist in Singapore- MOE Tuition Agency to match your child with the most suitable 1 to 1 tuition teacher to improve their academic results.

List of Primary Schools in Singapore

We have compiled a list of Primary schools in Singapore based on regions. It is good to consider schools nearer to your residence to reduce traveling time for your child.


Oct 04, 2017

List of Secondary Schools in Singapore

A compiled list of Secondary schools in Singapore based on regions, affiliation and programs offered.


Nov 02, 2016

Dedicated to Nurture : Top Singapore Home Tuition - MOE Tuition Agency


Are you looking for a reliable and registered Home Tuition Agency in Singapore that will improve your child’s grades and boost his confidence? Is your child getting the grades he deserves after putting in so so efforts? Do you see a potential in them but yet they are not maximizing their strengths? Are they not getting enough 1 to 1 personal help in the school and they seem to be easily distracted in a normal school environment ? There is a particular subject that they may need additional boost to score A or A star? If your answer is "YES" to any of the above questions, then MOE Tuition Agency star home tutoring agency in Singapore is the service for you. Put a smile on your child's face now by  improving their results and confidence with our personal home tuition.

Our home tutors strive to fill the gaps in your child’s education and build your child’s academic foundation, all from the comfort of your home, whether face to face lesson or with online tuition. With the relaxing, calm and stress-free environment that is essential to learning, your children will be able to thrive and flourish in their academics results with our dedicated home tutors. All  our teachers are also well trained for online tuition for Home Based Learning (HBL). MOE Tuition Agency provides 1 to 1 Home Tuition teachers for English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Literature, Combine Science, Pure Science, A Maths, E Maths, Geography, Social Studies, Economics, General Paper, Accounts for all Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges students in Singapore.

Private home tuition is Singapore is rather costly. With MOE Tuition Agency's competitive tuition rates, we hope to deliver the best value for money home tutoring service to you. Some parents may think that home tuition for their children is an unnecessary expense while some parents do not mind going the extra miles or paying a hefty sum just to make sure their children are having that edge in this modern society. This is where MOE Tuition Agency hopes to strike a balance. We hope to bring NIE trained, MOE school teachers to you and experienced star tutors to teach the students at an affordable price with excellent quality to improve children's results.  


The classroom environment in school is not always the most conducive place for learning – classmates can be a distraction, windows offer a place to stare out from, the large number of students in the room offer a chance to avoid the teacher's prying eyes, more extroverted students may get more attention from teachers and external sounds or noise from the next classroom can interrupt one's concentration. Your children have the potential to reach their potentials. Provide the needed one to one personalized attention your children need from the home tuition teacher.  You may realize that the extra 2 hours of private home tutoring attention in the relax, stress-free environment of their own home, on a one-on-one basis, with minimum distractions will do wonders for your child's academic results. Contact one of our friendly tuition consultant now or just fill in a simple web form to engage your star tutor!


The long-term economic, personal and social gains from education are proven. Knowledge itself is an asset. Home Tuition provides the extra boost for knowledge. Education holds the key to widen students’ horizons and guide them to success in diverse pathways, regardless of their backgrounds. MOE Tuition Agency has a large pool of dedicated teachers who are mainly MOE Teachers for home tuition and we also have experienced star tutors who tuition full time. They are all passionate teachers, dedicated to nurture young minds other than improving their results. By opening their mind and exposing them to important life skills are something textbooks do not offer and it teaches students to be independent, productive and will help them greatly in their lives in the future.

Widen your child horizon today and provide them with academic excellence. Get experienced Home Star Tutors for PSLE, O & A Levels at affordable Tuition Rates.



My son has failed his Maths from Sec 1-3 and we have had teachers for him but none are effective till I found MOE Tuition and got a teacher from them. 6 months to O levels, doing twice weekly session, my son's grades improved tremendously and he got a A for O levels. Highly recommended Star Agency

— Mdm Ng, Jurong. Boy from ACSI



       Very supportive agent! I will not look elsewhere should I need a tutor for other subjects for my son. I like their professionalism & trust them in the selection of teachers. I will continue to recommend them to my friends should they need tutors.

Thank you again :)



I am very pleased with teacher Lynn, recommended by MOE Tuition. She clearly understands my daughter's  difficulties and applied effective coaching. Now my girl is more confident and she is getting As for her results

I have been using their service for more than 6 years since my elder girl is in Primary school. Now she is in JC. I have gotten all my teachers for my 3 girls from them. I never have to tell the agent what I need. Very personalized service. Remember all their clients.





— Jermaine, Novena. Son from Catholic High

— Agnes, Siglap. Girl from RGPS

— Mr Goh, Hougang. Girl from SAJC

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