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​​Private English Tutor for PSLE , O Level and A Level


When it comes to mastering the English language, it is important that students are well versed in the three main components: reading, writing, and spelling.

Having a competent and experienced private home tutor will help your child excel in PSLE, O level and A level results. MOE Tuition teachers will help students from spelling to word recognition, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures , paragraph writing and formulate ideas into essays


Private 1 to 1 home tuition will help students stay on the right track, bridge the learning gap and aid students understand concepts better.  Having an experienced MOE school teacher or tutor will help identify your child's strength and weaknesses and target the weak areas effectively.





Where to find the right home tutors for English tuition?


If you are looking for English language home tutor or MOE teachers to build a strong foundation in English for your child, you have come to the right place - MOE Tuition Agency

Place your trust with the Best Home tuition Agency in Singapore - Moe Tuition. We have home tutors for different levels and subjects, who are specialized in Psle / O Levels / A Levels English tuition. We will match your child with a good primary / secondary / jc school tutor to strengthen his academic foundation and minimize their errors while excelling in their strengths.


Moe Tuition Agency is the solution to your problems. We strive to be the best and most reliable provider of English home tutors in Singapore. With our large database of MOE school teachers, experienced star tuition teachers and affordable tuition rates, you will be able to find the best English tutors for your child. Call us at +65 91090005 now.

Importance of English

English language is without a doubt, the most important subject students learn in Singapore schools. Having a solid foundation in English will benefit students in strong academic results, communication, better career opportunities and personal lives. English comprehension skills are used daily, both in and out of school.

In Singapore education, English is the medium used in teaching. Hence having a good grasp of the language is important. We often see students struggling in Primary School subjects such as Math and Science as they lack the ability to understand the question and thus result in the inability to score.

As students advance to Secondary level, they understand the huge advantage they have in humanities subjects such as Economics, History, Geography and Literature when they have a strong command of English. A strong English command is even more crucial when it comes to Junior College education in Singapore as General Paper (GP) is essential for university admission.

Therefore having a good English tutor or guidance of a MOE trained school teacher for home tuition will lay the groundworks for the students. For trusted Singapore home tutors, you can leave it to MOE Tuition Agency to match you with the best suitable star tutors to help your child. Engage a private tuition teacher today.





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