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Students have to juggle up to 8 or 9 subjects for 'O' Levels at once.

  • English

  • Mother Tongue

    • Chinese​

    • Malay

    • Tamil

  • Math​

    • A Maths​

    • E Maths

  • Science

    • Chemistry​ (Pure Chemistry or Combine Chemistry)

    • Physics (Pure Physics or Combine Physics)

    • Biology (Pure Biology or Combine Biology)

  • Literature​

  • History (Pure History or Elective History)​

  • Social Studies (Pure SS or Elective SS)

  • Geography (Pure Geography or Elective Geography)

  • Principles of Accounts (POA)

MOE Tuition Agency understands the importance of secondary school education as it is where students build their foundation for the future aheads. We also understand the significance of O level examination results and the worries of parents for their child's academic progress.

There are more than one way Moe Tuition Agency can help you :

  • Moe Tuition Agency is dedicated to offer quality and affordable secondary school home tuition in Singapore. Our home tutors are carefully selected and committed to deliver the best results catered to students' needs. 

  • We offer MOE trained current or ex school teachers and experienced graduate full time tutors for all subjects.

  • Our tutors will help students advancing from Primary School to Secondary School ease into the competitive enviroment and cope with the multiple subjects better, ensuring that they remain ahead in the competition.

  • School teachings may not adequately prepare students for O levels and our experienced home tutors will bridge that area and help students ace their exams.

  • Our private tutors are able to accelerate students' learning by leveraging their experiences to help students understand different concepts quickly and point out their mistakes.

Send us a quick request for a tutor today! It is Free!

Place your trust with the No. 1 Home tuition Agency in Singapore - Moe Tuition. We are specialist in MOE Trained School Teachers in Singapore. You can simply contact us at +65 91090005 (whatsapp is welcome too) or simply drop us a quick request for our friendly tuition consultant to contact you today. 

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Thank you for contacting MOE Tuition. An Agent will call you shortly. Alternatively you can call us at +65 91090005

Finding Home Tutors for Secondary School Tuition in Singapore?


MOE Tuition Agency is your  No.1 choice for experienced Star Tutors and NIE trained teachers.


Secondary School education is in our humble opinion, the most important phase in life where it shapes the characters of students, develops skills, influences the future development and polishes the values. It is also at this special chapter of life that we build solid lifelong friendships and spend most of the teenage years having fun and gaining knowledge whilst preparing for the next chapter of our lives.

Singapore has a very strong world wide recognised education system and the four to five years of education spent in Secondary Schools prepares the students comprehensively in academic areas, sports and arts. The GCE 'O' Levels Examination conducted at the end of the secondary education is a momentous stage that determines the next life shaping path ; whether students will further pursue their studies in JC (Junior Colleges), Poly (Polytechnics) or ITE (Institute of Technical Education)



Affordable Secondary School Tuition Rates in Singapore

* There are tutors/teachers for every budget and expectation. Give us a call so we can assist you further to find a competent teacher to match your budget and needs.

* Rates are determined by experienced level/track records/schools the teachers are from so rates may differ base on your criteria and preferences. 

Home Tuition For All Subjects / Levels / Examinations in Singapore


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General Paper GP Tuition

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