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Home Tuition Rates

Home Tuition teachers in Singapore are separated into a few categories, according to their qualifications and experience. MOE Tuition has consolidated the average rates in the below chart based on the asking rates we have received daily from tutors and school teachers all over Singapore.

What happened if I have a tight budget?

Give us a Call! We are here to help you. Let us listen and understand your child's needs and requirements so we will see if there are ways that we can help you.

There are tutors or teachers for every budget and level. We will love to help you and provide a competent teacher for your child. If your budget is lower than what is listed in the chart, do give us a call. The chart is quoted based on the average rates for the past 6 months and may not necessary be the correct indication.

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Thank you for contacting MOE Tuition. An Agent will call you shortly. Alternatively you can call us at +65 91090005

Why only Full Time Tutors and School Teachers?

We are unlike other tuition agencies in Singapore. We strive to only deliver the best home tuition teachers to students. When we first started out 10 years ago, we used to work with undergraduates but after a few months, we have decided to stop matching students to undergraduate tutors. It may mean cutting down a part of our revenues but we believe in delivering the best education for students. We are really sincere about improving the academic results of students and hope that parents will be happy with our recommendations. Therefore instead of offering undergraduate tutors who are mostly inconsistent in quality and not committed, we will prefer to just focus on providing NIE trained current or ex school teachers for students.

Reach out to us now. Let us hear and understand your child's problem and match the most suitable star tutor for you. :)

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