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Thank you for contacting MOE Tuition. An Agent will call you shortly. Alternatively you can call us at +65 91090005


At MOE Tuition Agency, we believe that :


  • Primary school tuition is important.

  • One way to developing your child potential and to lay his foundation firmly is give him proper 1 to 1 home tuition at his or her early years in primary  school education in Singapore.

  • With the right experienced home tutors or MOE teachers for private tuition can be significant in helping the child to stay on the right track and prepare them to handle the structured syllasbus of the primary school education.


A good foundation in core subjects like English, Maths, Science and Chinese through primary school tuition will work wonders in helping a child stay on the right track in their education. Building a good understanding of the core subjects through effective English, maths, science, and Chinese primary school tuition can be very important in determining whether a child’s education

Place your trust with the No. 1 Home tuition Agency in Singapore - Moe Tuition. We will match your child with a good primary school tutor to strengthen his academic foundation and minimize their errors while excelling in their strengths. No matter if it is for primary school English tuition, primary school Maths tuition, primary school Science tuition or primary school Chinese tuition, Moe Tuition Agency is the solution to your problems. With our large database of MOE school teachers, experienced star tutors and affordable tuition rates, you will be able to find the best tutors for your child. Call us at +65 91090005 now.

Finding Home Tutors for Primary School Tuition in Singapore?


MOE Tuition Agency is your  No.1 choice for experienced Star Tutors and NIE trained teachers.


Singapore has pride ourselves as a multi cultural country, equipped with a good education system. The Primary School education in Singapore aims to develop students' communication skills, analytical skills, academic excellence and at the same time nurture the children to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, physique, intellect, social skills and aesthetics; to develop good habits so as to prepare them for life as responsible adults.

Primary School in Singapore starts when the kids are at the tender age of 6 and they are required to complete 6 years of Primary School Syllabus and lastly sit for PSLE Examination at the end of 6th year to determine their progress. Other than Mother Tongue (Chinese language, Malay language, Tamil language), students are required to learn English, Maths and Science

Affordable Home Tuition Rates in Singapore

* There are tutors/teachers for every budget and expectation. It can be lower or higher. Give us a call so we can assist you further to find a competent teacher to match your budget and needs.

* Rates are determined by experienced level/track records/schools the teachers are from so rates may differ base on your criteria and preferences. 

MOE Tuition Agency offers reasonable home tuition rates for Primary School Tuition in Singapore and only provides the most experienced primary tutors and school teachers. We have a large pool of committed home tutors, ranging from Part Time Home Tutors to MOE Trained School Teachers, ready to take up primary school tuition assignments immediately for all levels and at any location. 

Our home tutors will provide 1 to 1 tailored tuition for English tuition, Chinese Tuition, Maths Tuition, Science Tuition, Malay Tuition and Tamil Tuition all the way to PSLE. CALL US at +65 91090005 now!

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