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Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)

PSLE is a national examination in Singapore which is conducted yearly at the end of the final 6th year of primary school education. PSLE examination is a good initial gauge of the students' understanding of the subjects learned in school and sets the learning pace that students are most compatible with at the start of their Secondary School education. Students will be assigned to different streams in secondary school based on their results.

Why do we need tuition for PSLE ?


Teenage years is an important milestone as it is the time when a child's mind is maturing whilst going through emotional, mental and physical changes. The experiences we have in our teenage years, the peers we grow up with, shapes and lays the path for adult life. Hence we believe the importance of having a conducive learning environment surrounded by good peers. 

Therefore we believe strongly in the importance of Secondary school education during the period where everything is very much established in this crucial teenage years where children blossomed into adulthood. It is a transitional journey that will very much shape the future education, career paths and likely life journey.

So help your child excel in their PSLE results today and ENGAGE a competent MOE Teacher or experienced Home Tutor now. Your child will benefit from the undivided one to one attention and excel well academically.

Private home tuition will help your child stay on the right track, bridge the learning gap, help your child understand the concept better and having an experienced MOE school teacher or tutor will help identify your child's strength and weaknesses and target the weak areas effectively.

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Thank you for contacting MOE Tuition. An Agent will call you shortly. Alternatively you can call us at +65 91090005


Where to find the right home tutors for PSLE tuition?



If you are looking for PSLE home tutor or MOE teachers to build a strong foundation in core subjects like English, Maths, Science and Chinese for your child, you have come to the right place - MOE Tuition Agency

Place your trust with the No. 1 Home tuition Agency in Singapore - Moe Tuition. We have home tutors for different levels and subjects, who are specialised in PSLE English, PSLE Math tuition, PSLE science, PSLE Chinese, PSLE Malay and PSLE Tamil tuition. We will match your child with a good primary school tutor to strengthen his academic foundation and minimize their errors while excelling in their strengths.


Moe Tuition Agency is the solution to your problems. With our large database of MOE school teachers, experienced star psle home tutors and affordable tuition rates, you will be able to find the best PSLE tutors for your child. Call us at +65 91090005 now.

Affordable Home Tuition Rates in Singapore

* There are tutors/teachers for every budget and expectation. It can be lower or higher. Give us a call so we can assist you further to find a competent teacher to match your budget and needs.

* Rates are determined by experienced level/track records/schools the teachers are from so rates may differ base on your criteria and preferences. 

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