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Top Primary Schools in Singapore

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Parents want the best for their children and will want their children to have a good head start in life. So, where shall we start? From planning their education and choosing the most suitable school for them!

Choosing the right Primary School in Singapore to match your child's needs, interest and strength is important. We have consolidated a list of top Primary schools in Singapore based on varying factors like awards received, registration popularity, Psle results and parents' votes.

TOP 20 PRIMARY SCHOOLS (Not ranked in order)

  1. Nanyang Primary School

  2. Rosyth School

  3. Henry Park Primary School

  4. Tao Nan School

  5. Raffles Girls’ Primary School

  6. Anglo-Chinese School Primary & Junior School

  7. Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Primary

  8. Methodist Girls’ School Primary

  9. CHIJ St Nicholas Primary

  10. St Hilda’s Primary School

  11. Nan Hua Primary School

  12. Catholic High School Primary

  13. Aitong Primary School

  14. Maris Stella Primary School

  15. NanYang Primary School

  16. ChongFu Primary School

  17. Rulang Primary School

  18. Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

  19. Maha Bodhi Primary School

  20. Nan Chiau Primary School


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