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List of Junior Colleges in Singapore

  • Anderson Junior College

  • Anglo-Chinese Junior College

  • Catholic Junior College

  • Dunman High School

  • Eunoia Junior College

  • Hwa Chong Institution

  • Hwa Chong Junior College

  • Innova Junior College

  • Jurong Junior College

  • Meridian Junior College

  • Nanyang Junior College

  • National Junior College

  • Pioneer Junior College

  • Raffles Institution

  • Raffles Junior College

  • Saint Andrew's Junior College

  • St. Joseph's Institution, Singapore

  • Serangoon Junior College

  • Tampines Junior College

  • Temasek Junior College

  • Victoria Junior College

The 2 years of Junior College life in Singapore prepares the students for University adminission and also ensure that the students acquire life skills, values, analytical skills, knowledge and communication skills to take develop them through life as responsible adults.

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