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Top Home Tuition Agency in Singapore by MOE School Teachers

No.1 Top Tuition Agency in Singapore by MOE School Teachers


It is the passion to deliver the best teachers and students home tutoring service and the genuine concern for students' results improvement that sets MOE TUITION AGENCY apart from other 1 to 1 tuition agencies in Singapore.

We were MOE Trained School Teachers too. We totally understand the parents' anxiety, students' struggles, teachers' concerns, MOE expectations and subjects requirements across Primary schools, Secondary schools and Junior Colleges (A levels, IP and IB).

With a group of ex school teachers, we established MOE Tuition Agency. Equipped with the knowledge of the school syllabus, current education trends and the passion to improve students academic results, we aim to deliver the most suitable home tutors to students.

There are alot of home tuition agencies in Singapore that runs by the slogan of only matching NIE trained teachers to parents. More often than not, we have parents complaining to us about unpleasant experiences and tutors turning out to be fake teachers. MOE Tuition Agency prides ourselves as the only agency that has 100% successs rate in matching MOE trained teachers to students. We go through stringent checks before engaging the teachers and most of our pool of tutors are with us for more than 8 years and they are mostly our contacts and referrals by other school teachers.

MOE TUITION AGENCY will always make sure we speak to our parents and understand the concerns of the parents and the current standards of the child. Our friend tuition coordinator will also try to understand the student's character as well as it helps us in our selection of teachers.

Every child is unique and everyone of them have different strengths and struggles. This applies to teachers as well. Some teachers are really good motivators, some teachers are strong at instilling discipline in students, some teachers are good at driving last minute results while some teachers are excellent in pushing an above average smart student to his/her best. So by understanding the characteristics of students and needs, we deliver the best chemistry and bond between the students and teachers, thus getting the end results that we want. An A star * for PSLE, top scholars for O levels / A levels.

If you have been struggling to find a suitable home tutor for your child, contact one of our friendly tuition coordinator today to get the best star tutor for your child.

Contact MOE TUITION AGENCY at +65 91090005. (Whatsapps is welcome too) or you may reach our office hotline at +65 62922997 now. Alternatively, you may choose to fill up a quick Engage a Tutor Form HERE

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