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Looking for Home Tutors in Singapore? - Deciding between MOE Trained teachers or Full Time Tutors? L

Searching for a 1 to 1 Home tutors in Singapore will be breeze if find the right Tuition Agency to guide you through the process. MOE Tuition Agency pride ourselves as one of Singapore's Top Home Tutoring Agency in Singapore that specializes in MOE Trained Current or Ex Teachers. We are a group of Ex NIE Trained teachers who have kids on our own and will love to help fellow mummies to engage the right tuition teacher for their child. MOE Tuition Agency will also love to bridge the connection to competent and experienced school teachers to parents according to the child's learning needs and strength.

So, when it comes to engaging a School Teacher or a Full Time Tutor (Someone who is a graduate and teaches tuition as a full time job. It all boils down to your budget. (Check out the fees difference here). If the budget permits for you to afford the fees of a MOE Tuition Teacher, we will highly recommend you to consider engaging a teacher as a school teacher is trained for the syllabus, sharp in identifying the weaknesses and strength of the child and effective in the methods of teaching.

For a Full Time tutor, by all means go for one if the budget is a little tight but you still want your child to be supplemented for the subjects. They will be an ideal choice if you are tie up with work commitment and have no time to guide your child but at the same time wish the fees will be easier for the pocket.

In Summary.........


  • If you want someone who is trained and familiar with Singapore MOE syllabus

  • If you want someone who is sharp in identifying the strength and weaknesses of the student and is able to zoom in the targeted areas.

  • If you want your child to learn effective and quick problem solving methods.

  • If you want to give your child the edge and advantage over other peers in school.

  • If you have tried all medias to help your child and they do not seem effective. (Example : Tuition Centers, Group Tuition, hiring an undergraduate tutor or a full time tutor)

  • If it your child is in the graduating year (PSLE , O LEVELS, A LEVELS). They have no time to waste to go through the trial and error of changing tutors.

  • If you have no budget or can afford to pay more for your child's education, please just select MOE Trained Teachers.


  • If you have a budget constraint

  • If your the child is relatively above average and you just someone to guide

  • If you are too busy with work and need someone to be there to help with daily school work.

  • You wanted more frequencies in lessons per week and a school teacher may not have the time to commit

  • When you want someone at a more reasonable price but at the same time with experience.

Check out MOE TUITION AGENCY SINGAPORE, the only Home Tuition Agency in Singapore that specializes in recommending NIE Trained MOE teachers for home tuition.

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